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March 25, 2019

My Breakfast is Becoming More Than Food

March 25, 2019
I’ve literally changed my life by discovering the anti-aging, anti-fatigue secrets of morning antioxidants..

I used to skip breakfast in my 20’s, it made me feel sick. I’d just have tea and a biscuit to give me a kick before the manic morning hours. When I look back I was encouraging a sugar craving until lunchtime, many a biscuit was devoured before 1pm, many..


Im 40 now, I’ve been prepping beautiful ‘Super Breakfasts‘ for the past 3 years and I swear I’m younger for it. Every single day I start my mornings with Fresh Berries, Greek Yoghurt mixed with powders such as Maca (energy), Spirulina (skin and hair), Açai Berry (antioxidan) or even just beetroot juice to make it pink! I add a little granola or oats, maybe a touch of honey too..!

I like to make breakfast super pretty, but super powerful too! These days I have more energy, more brain power, more attentiveness and a miles better body than in my 20’s and 30’s!! After all us ladies in business need to have it ALL!


So don’t skip breakfast! Be Selfish! Be Super!

Lisa Hart Pearce – Project Lead, Maritime Apartmwnts – Barrow-in-Furness.




1. Provides you with an energy boost to start the day off right.

2. Will give your mind laser sharp focus – if you are hungry that is all you will be thinking about.

3. Gets you up on the “right” side of the bedand will reduce the morning crankasaurus

4. Puts your metabolism into high gear – after a long night of sleepy time station your bod needs a wakeup call and this is just the ticket.

5. Prevents starvation mode – or hibernation mode where your body will start storing fat and calories just in case dinner last night was your last meal.

6. Keeps your hunger in check and will keep your blood sugar levels normal reducing the urge to binge later on in the day when you reach your breaking point and need food NOW.

7. Allows you to keep portions portion size and not buffet size as you won’t be starving by lunch hour.

8. Can help you lower your “bad” cholesterolbecause when you skip out on the most important meal of the day this is what happens to your body:

a. Metabolism comes to a halt or at least a snail’s pace b. Fat is then stored in your body like a hibernating bear before winter c. You then eat like a machine at the next meal due to the starvation situation you created d. You gain weight and boom your bad cholesterol soars

9. Breakfast is super yummy – like this needs any more explaining!

10. Breakfast will help you with weight loss – period.

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