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July 5, 2019

A Walney’s Guide To Walney’s Beaches

July 5, 2019

At Maritime Apartments we now have over 300 contractors staying with us through the week in Barrow! Yes 300!! So I thought this would be a good easy guide to get you out and about while you’re on our little island! First though you need to drive or walk over the Jubilee Bridge then we can begin to explore..


When you cross the bridge you’re looking down at Walney Channel.. where the boats are anchored. My grandad is usually found along this stretch on his boat.. painting his boat planning his next fishing trip.. You could always have a Pint or food in The Ferry or King Alfred and boat watch.. but I say move on…


There are a few good beaches on Walney.. ‘Sandy Gap’ (South Walney) is a typical dog walkers, path runners beach.. lots of big boulders, multicoloured stones and a perfect view of WODS (Walney wind farm). When the tide is out you can walk into the sands. If it’s coming in however be careful as it comes in fast!! If you get down to the sands try turning over a few big rocks in the rock pools, you will find small fish and crabs 🦀! If you walk to the left (facing the sea) you will arrive at ‘Biggar Bank’ where you will see the famous Roundhouse.. (google it). There is also a nice park built for kids on the beach and on nice days there’s an ice cream van.. at 5pm The Castle Pub will open over looking the beach so you can stop for 1 or more – it’s dog friendly also.


On a a clear night you can see Black Coombe and Even Blackpool Tower!

Earnse Bay is the next Beach on Walney – this is over West Shore.. It seems to have more of a typical beach feel on this one.. on good days you will find families and young people enjoying the sunshine..


On Windy Days you will catch the Kite Surfers! The National kitesurfing championships are held here in the summer. When its really clear you can see the Isle of Man to the west and even the tip of the Solway Firth to the north (Now we’re talking). For more info contact http://earnsebaykitesurfing.co.uk


You can actually park up and walk right to the North of the island from this beach! Where you will see SEALS! Yes we have seals! Here’s a ‘sealcam’ to get you excited! https://www.cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk/wildlife/cams/seal-web-cam-2015-clips-south-walney


Take a look at South Walney Nature reserves website to see more about the Seals and how to see them..


In the background of the above picture you will spot a castle.. this is Piel Island and many years ago my great grandparents were the King and Queen of the island (seriously).. there are around 5-10 inhabitants (incl my uncle) living on the remote island 🌴 . On sunny days you will find a ferry runs from Roa Island (near the power station in Barrow) it’s not expensive and he will take you over and back the same day! If the suns out you can guarantee there will be lots of locals on the grassy areas some pitching day tents and bbq’s.. You can also explore the famous Piel Castle for free.. There is a pub on the island Serving hot pies and cold drinks! (I hope the locals don’t lynch me for giving away our best kept secret getaway) but I want you to enjoy your time here.. it’s much more that what meets the eye!


All these places are walkable and bike-able! At maritime our residents have been out and about exploring on bikes on nice evenings. ( Like these two Turbine blade technicians from Rotos 360!) Why not get exploring too!?


One last little fact.. did you know Walney is actually the Isle of Sodor from Thomas the Tank engine? You do now! 👍🏻


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